Wave for Kids

young kids church

Wave: “Helping kids get to know Jesus for real, and become the people that He desires them to be”.

Kids are great… and having great Children’s ministry programs is a top priority at Hope Centre!

There are heaps of opportunities for children to get to really know God! We believe that children have a huge part to play in the Church… that they are the Church of TODAY, not just the Church of tomorrow!

Wave Children’s Church is led by a fantastic team of committed Hope Centre volunteers who really have a desire to see God’s purposes fulfilled in the young and rising generation.

Every Sunday from 10am until Church finishes we have programs catering for 3-12 years.

old kids church

Kids have the opportunity to encounter God in worship, prayer and great teaching. They learn about Jesus through object lessons, hands-on activities, and arts and crafts… all of which are tied in with the message they hear that morning. They also have the opportunity to receive prayer, and to learn to pray for each other and function in spiritual gifts.