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Rhiannon’s Healing Testimony

Rhiannon’s healing testimony is a journey of inner and outer transformation. Battling a diagnosis of Reactive Arthritis, this young mum and wife was hungry for God’s healing touch. And it was at Hope Centre in 2010 she finally met people prepared to stand with her in faith and believe for her healing.

Here’s how it all began…

It was in Wanganui in December 2003 that Rhiannon, 31 years old, first became unwell and was diagnosed with reactive arthritis. It began with a simple swollen knee. For Rhiannon it couldn’t have come at a worse time as she was at an emotionally low period. An autoimmune disease she was told it was most likely permanent.

It was hard to take in. Rhiannon, a Christian since six-years old, immediately went for intercessory prayer and received a word of knowledge. There was a picture of her dancing in front of the church declaring she had been healed. This gave her a sense of promise and hope.

Now on cortisone medication, the condition stabilised for four to six months. At this time she received the scripture: ‘why are you so downcast oh my soul, why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Saviour and my God (Psalm 42). This really spoke to Rhiannon who said God kept giving her words of encouragement.

Then she attended a glory seminar service in Wanganui. Intercessors saw a picture of a black cloak covering Rhiannon’s spirit and soul. After prayer a weight of heaviness left and she felt lighter.

By 2005 and 2006, the arthritis had spread to Rhiannon’s wrists, ankles, hips and elbows. It was worse than ever and lodged in all her joints. She was struggling to move and when she did it was slow and painful.

Rhiannon said she began to understand grief as she came to terms with multiple losses; more children, giving up her career as a music teacher and performing cellist, and running.

However, the worse was still to come. Rhiannon was at a women’s camp when the Hillsong worship song, Potters hand – mould me, break me, use me came on. At that point she cried out, “no God, no more, I can’t take it anymore I don’t want to be broken anymore.” God responded with a message that gave her new hope: “there is a bit more breaking to come.” She said she had “a picture of a beautiful vase that had been broken and repaired next to a perfect new one. But to God the broken repaired version was the more beautiful one. I understood there was more breaking to come but there was also still hope of being remoulded.” This was followed by nearly a year of very painful moving.

Then late in 2006 Rhiannon was at a Christian conference in Hamilton with her sister where she had more prophetic words spoken over her. “God said what had been stolen from her would be given back two to three fold. And there was a picture of an adult skipping like a little child. The group leaders prayed for her and laughter fell.” It was the first time she had experienced this and couldn’t stop. “Laughter brings healing, joy is medicine to the soul so I got a good dose of healing and medicine that day.”

It was shortly after this, still in Wanganui in 2006, that Rhiannon began to lose hope. By now she had so many prophetic words said over her, and she was trying to be obedient to God, yet she was still physically unhealed.

She started reading Job and a type of spiritual healing came. “I let go of my own understanding and let God take over including my expectations. It was surrender.” She was given Job 42:3, which she connected to the theme of the book and gave her peace and a trust in God’s way and timing. Thanks to new medication, her arthritis had settled. She was still in pain but more mobile.

Then in 2007, she, her husband and then four-year old Mitchell, moved to Wellington. But two weeks after the move she experienced a massive flare and became almost bedridden. The arthritis now affected the balls of her feet and she couldn’t walk. Rhiannon was hospitalised and intravenously fed strong drugs. And then experiencing a side effect of the medication she started feeling low. She was now in a pit because not even the potent drugs seemed to be working. That sense of hopelessness was back.

The turnaround point for Rhiannon came when realised she felt depressed and said, “Lord I put my hope in you.” She said a feeling of lightness instantly came on her and the depression started to lift.

At the same time she was reading a book on Christian healing by Mark Pearson which, that said healing often doesn’t happen the way we expect because God wants to heal the whole person. Healing can be a journey.

Now at the Hope Centre in 2008, Rhiannon said she was surrounded by people of robust faith. “They were prepared to pray for me and not give up. She received altar prayer and prayer at Lynne and Rex Polglase’s connect group. “I felt drenched in prayer and a result of this was joy, a lot of my hope returned. I felt the muscles in my foot being stretched. I was drenched in the spirit and there was lots of laughter, they were more doses of medicine,” she described.

She read Bill Johnson’s book Heaven Invading Earth she had a sense of God saying, “jump in the river and that he would lead her. And she had been stuck on the river banks in case she wasn’t healed. It’s a very subtle shift, it’s expectation,” she explained. “I decided to expect my healing.”

In 2010 she came off medication to get pregnant. She said her specialist was very anxious but she was excited. They told her all the medical things that could go wrong. But God said do not fear. When Angus was born she expected her physical healing and started to fight for it.

“I started declaring scripture, visiting the Hope Centre healing rooms and having heaps of prayer – pro-active praying. Her hopes were dashed when the arthritis returned with avengance when Angus was one week old.

“You know God gives you moments. I got in a huff with God! Then a book from a friend arrived called Hope by David Peters and she had a revelation. “I had taken offence at God and I needed to wait for his timing.”

Today while Rhiannon not physically healed according to the doctors because she is still on medication she is now: running, swimming, doing pilates, playing the cello, performing and working as a part-time teacher. She is leading a normal life. “The medical specialists say I am a success story but whose success story am I – that is my question for them. God or theirs?”

“So I am still waiting again for my physical healing (to be able to come off medication) but no longer in a huff with God. Now I’m resting in God and waiting. I am in confident and peaceful expectation. Laughter healed my grief. I’m in a better place, spirit, soul and body.”


Healed while dancing to the Lord!

Chronic knee pain was miraculously healed at the Hope Centre’s Easter Conference for a church member who felt prompted to dance to the Lord.

International Revivalist and Preacher Georgian Banov spoke very powerfully about the fact we are not British but Jewish people because we are blessed and chosen, recalled Wendy. Pastor Banov then asked conference members to come to the front and dance.

Wendy said she had never danced in church before and doesn’t like to do anything unless she feels it from her heart. So while ninety percent of the church went forward to worship God in dance she decided to stay in her seat.

But then “something happened in my heart,” she described and she suddenly really felt like dancing. As she went up three or four other ladies from the Hope Centre came out to dance with her. “It was really hurting in both my knees but I really felt in my heart I wanted to worship God. Then I remembered that David had worshipped the God in dance and that thought spurred me on. And at the exact moment the knee pain of eight years instantly stopped. I didn’t even ask the Lord to heal me,” described Wendy, who was happy and excited.

“I started jumping to check if the pain was still there and it was gone. Then I started jumping and dancing even more to God!,” she shared.

* This testimony was given anonymously and Wendy is a fictitious name.

Healed of cancer

George Clements has been healed of Prostrate Cancer. The 76 year-old Hutt Valley resident believes he is totally healed of the return of his prostrate cancer through God and his praying friends. He says,“I’ve never felt so good.”

George was diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer in 2002 when he and wife, Lilian were living in Napier. After treatment in Palmerston North including radiation therapy, he ended up in hospital as his body had reacted badly. His local pastor and church in Napier covered George with prayer, which George believes got him through. He was finally well again six months later but with damage to his bowel.

In 2005 he and Lilian moved to the Hutt Valley. Then in mid-2012 a PSA blood test showed the prostrate cancer was back. His doctor started treatment with three- monthly injections. However, in February of this year George’s doctor said the injections were no longer working because his body had become immune and there was nothing further they could do for him. George’s response was,“I’m a born again Christian and I am not worried. I have one hope left and it’s Jesus Christ and I am going to give him the glory.” George said the doctor was amazed at his reply!

By March, George had deteriorated, “I was crook and in a lot of pain. And it was annoying because I didn’t know what was going on.”

George rallied his prayer support. Lilian was getting prayer and support for George through the Hope Centre’s Wednesday ladies group. He also had 200 praying friends on Facebook, including a 63-year old lady, who sent him prayer clothes. He also received support and prayer from his own Samoan Assembly of God Church ‘Carpenter’s House.’

George believes it was the combined strength of all this prayer that led God to heal him a month ago. He says all the pain is gone and he returned his medication to the pharmacy! He used to experience pain in his right and left hip and his left kidney was also affected. Today he has no pain at all.

At the time of writing this story George was waiting to visit a doctor to do a blood test and confirm his cancer-free status.

George is now very keen to pray for other cancer sufferers. He believes cancer is a spirit and his prayers are along the ‘deliverance, casting out’ lines for Christians. He said, “I pray that cancer will be delivered from that person’s body and ask God to come against the cancer. And I always pray in the full name of Jesus Christ not just Jesus,” he said.

The lady in the slipper!

Dawn Cheesman of Levin became know as the 'lady in the slipper' at Hope Centre's Easter Conference "Raging Fire."

The first morning of the conference Dawn was stung by a wasp, on the sole of her foot leaving it swollen, red and sore. It was impossible to wear any of her shoes. So she clad her unstung foot in a shoe and husband, Kevin, was instructed to bring her scuff slipper for the other foot!

"It was very painful and uncomfortable," she described. When people saw her in the slipper on there were many offers of prayer. The pain continued even after medication.

Finally, in the afternoon elective, a friend Anne brought Sue to pray for her. The moment the pair began to pray the inflammation and swelling subsided and Dawn's normal skin colour returned. Dawn recalled, "Sue said the wrinkles are coming back in your foot and I said keep away from my face!".

The foot was completely back to normal except for the pain described 78 year-old Dawn. However, the next morning after a good night's sleep that was gone too. There was only an itch left and Dawn declared " I won't have that itch in Jesus name," and that left too.

Dawn was told it could take up to a week for wasp sting reactions similar to hers to be healed. She was able to enjoy the rest of the four-day conference without a slipper!

14 March 2010

Richard arrived at Hope Centre on the 14th  of March with intense pain in his back which affected his ability to walk and sit.  As he explained the situation, hands were laid on his back and healing proclaimed in the name of Jesus. After 1 minute of prayer Richard was asked to do something he couldn’t do before prayer was given and he tentatively began to raise his left leg up and found there was no pain. So he did the same with his right leg and then bent over. No pain, all movement normal and healing complete.

A woman who complained of severe pain in her back, which she understood to be a kidney stone, allowed Christians to pray for her. Within a short period of time the woman desperately needed to go to the toilet and the kidney stone was passed quickly and all pain ceased. The woman sent a text to those who had prayed for her that she had received a miracle.

13 April 2008

At the end of the morning service at Hope Centre, there was a time of healing. Those with sore backs and hip areas were invited to stand and those around them invited to pray for them.   The following testimonies have been testified to: 

1. A man who had a very stiff neck reported that there was a “clicking” in his neck during the prayer, and his neck freed up totally.

2. A man who had sore hips reported healing in his hips, so much that he felt like going out and playing tennis.

3. A woman who had painful hips reported immediate healing, freedom of movement and freedom from pain for the first time in a long, long time.

4. An elderly woman who had suffered from pain in her hips and back was prayed for but felt no change.That night while in bed she suddenly noticed that her back didn’t cause pain as she turned over in bed, and then when she got out of bed there was no pain as she walked.

5. A woman present in the meeting did not stand up for prayer knowing that she needed to, but asked God if it was alright for her to stay seated and not be prayed for by those around her.   She suffered from numbness down her right side and pain in her body.   At the end of the meeting she stood up and began to walk out of the church and became aware that she wasn’t in pain and the numbness had gone.

9 November 2007

Barbara had a swollen hand, from a window slamming shut on it. Some people prayed for her, and as they did, the swelling went down, and the colour of the bruise changed.