Onething Prayer Centre

"One thing I ask of the Lord..." Psalm 27:4

Prayer is part of the DNA of Hope Centre. For over 50 years there was a 24/7 prayer room which focussed on praying for God to move in this nation.

In 1996 God spoke about closing that chapter as He was about to do a new thing. Onething Prayer Centre is part of the new thing as 24/7 prayer centres are being raised up globally.

The prayer room is just what it sounds like, a space for people to come and pray, whether it is alone or in a group. It reflects the value that we, as a church, place on prayer. It is a dedicated space for young and old alike to come anytime of the day and simply pray.

Nothing of value happens without prayer, but when we pray anything is possible.

We pray for the city, the nation and the nations, for our community, family and friends.

Prayer isn’t just about the words we speak, but about creativity and this is expressed in the Prayer Room. Whether you want to sit in a corner, pace around, draw, paint, sing etc, or express what is in your heart in another form of creativity. This is where it can happen.

Come encounter JESUS - you will never be the same again.

Isaiah 56:7 " . . . for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations."