Missions - National & International

Hope Centre is a Nations focused Church

This page will give you an overview of our involvement with Nations. God’s heart for the nations is an important part of Scriptural revelation. Psalm 68 expresses nations or peoples in every verse. The great commission is nations!

Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This is where the gospel of the kingdom is outworked. The book of Revelation speaks of some from every tribe and nation.



South Africa




Sri Lanka





For more information about International Missions and Outreach contact the Hope Centre office: office@hopecentre.org.nz



Scotland is a new field that has opened up to us for introducing people to the life, fire and freedom of the Spirit. Our involvement in Scotland is related to revival. We are connected with the Scottish Apostolic network. We have invitations to be there for city unity meetings, leadership and revival meetings.


In Nepal we partner with International Needs and sponsor an evangelist. It is also a place of high persecution of Christians since Nepal is a strongly Buddhist country. We have provided a bicycle for the evangelist to get around the mountains. We continue to work with International Needs who provide reports etc. International Needs have a similar Modus Operandi to us. They find local people and resource them to do the work.


We have a longstanding relationship with All Nations Gospel Publishers, a publishing Ministry founded many years ago. People from our church worked with them as missionaries in the 1950’s. They translate scriptures and tracts into languages of unreached people, even in places where they have only just got some sort of written language.

There have been huge testimonies from lives converted through the literature. We have an ongoing support there. We have been involved with two bible colleges, especially one in Zululand, that is raising up leaders to preach and Pastor churches. Seth has visited them and met with them. The ministry is based in Pretoria.

We also have some contact with Hebron Bible College . It is a correspondence course training 3000 students for leadership.

Seth has spoken at Leadership conferences in South Africa.

Hope Centre’s ethos is to find local churches we can work with and flow through, looking for a multiplication factor. We are always looking for someone who will multiply what God has given them. It is the principle of the talents. Jesus gave us a principle there of people who will multiply.


Germany is a new field with a focus of introducing people to the life of the Spirit, and to revival. The pattern continues of city unity meetings, Pastor meetings, Spiritual awakening seminars and revival meetings.

Our key contact is Pastor Martin Spreer and his wife Heiki. There was a supernatural opening of this door. Seth called a man out of the crowd at a meeting in USA and that person had been sent by their church to find a person who would bring Spiritual breakthrough for the church.

We have open doors for Berlin and connections/invitations to other parts of Europe. They are asking us to go. We are involved in a significant moment of German history.

It is a new day for Germany, declared 70 years after the start of the second world war. We are connected with and have favour with some significant Spiritual leaders.


Our involvement with the United States of America has been with revival and youth.

Teams have gone to lead revival and youth revival conferences. Some of our leaders speak at leadership and revival events.

We are recognised as moving in a component of the fire of God that cannot be taken for granted.


We have many connections throughout the Philippines. Michael Livengood has ministered there for many years as have others from Hope Centre. We have been involved with miracle crusades. There is a pattern of doing leadership meetings during the day and revival meetings at night, again working with leaders who will multiply the effort given.

We have key contacts in Manila, Bacolad, Cebu, Bagaio. Each one of these leaders are involved with City/Pastor networks. The same grace that is on us is passed on through those leaders there.

Dwayne and Jenny Newport are helping equip churches in the poor areas around Baguio, as they have been called to strengthen and help them.

A Leader in Manila we work with has a passionate call for National revival for the Philippines. Philippines has some Christian history, but is corrupted. The Catholic church has a huge influence - linked with Idolatry practices. The Fire of the Spirit exposes things and brings deliverances. It is our DNA, Debbie and Seth led the first Cleansing Stream retreat in the nation on behalf of Cleansing Stream.


Our contact is Pastor Michael and Debbie Dissanyke. He is a revivalist and the National Superintendent of the AOG church in Sri Lanka.

He has the same grace as us for gathering city pastors  (that is how we first began to connect) and engaging with the community for transformation. Some from Hope Centre have stayed and helped in orphanages. We support David Goodwin’s ministry, training children’s workers in Sri Lanka. We continue our support there. Seth’s focus is to empower leadership and introduce people to the power and person of the Holy Spirit. He does leadership meetings during the day and revival meetings at night.

The nation is rebuilding after 30years of civil war and Christians are persecuted and face death on a regular basis for their faith.


There are two main places we go to in India. Kerula is a longstanding story. Pastor K Joseph was saved at our church in Lower Hutt and is the National leader of the Indian Pentecostal movement. He is very influential, we have supported him many years.

He is personally responsible for 80 Church plants, an orphanage, and Agape Bible Institute which we sponsor.

This has been the foundation of raising up over 300 pastors from that institute. There are two parts to the institute. Malayalam (the language they speak in Kerala) and Hindi.  The Hindi wing focuses on North India. Due to persecution students are brought down to the institute, trained then sent back to plant churches.

In North India Christians are martyred, churches burnt and homes are destroyed. Pastor Joseph is a keynote speaker in many places. Our influence is far reaching. He acknowledges his roots here and our support.

NAGALAND (North East India)

Pastor Hevukhu and Vinili Achumi.

Our contact with them came through revival. Nagaland had revival in the late 60’s and early seventies. That fire had waned. He came to Auckland looking for a revival preacher and was told to connect with Hope Centre. He commented, “this is what we lost”. A number of groups have gone there.

God uses us to fan fires of revival across the churches. We have helped with building a training centre for missionaries. They will go from Nagaland and Assam to other parts of India, Burma and Nepal.

We helped start a fish farm which provides employment and the proceeds provide money to support evangelists into Assam.


Vietnam is a country with restricted access to the Gospel where there is persecution. We currently sponsor 5 evangelists and provide for them. They work under Ps Tran Mai and Sarah Lieu. Ps Tran Mai has been in prison for preaching the gospel. People from Hope Centre have visited and encouraged them. It has to be done in secrecy.


We have had a connection with ministry in Fiji for many years. Marie Cook heads Going Global Ministries which works with local communities in Fiji equipping the body of Christ with training and resources, helping to alleviate poverty through micro enterprise and sponsorship.

Their chaplain service has seen amazing miracles in healings and great success mediating in churches and all areas of society. They have seen lives changed and restored to Christ. There is a waiting list of churches wanting help training teachers and running Sunday School programmes.

Each church on the programme receives on-going training and resources and teaching aids free. They also teach practical lessons on creating an income. One group was taught to bake so they could sell their wares at the local market. Participants received free cookware and utensils. Many from Hope Centre have gone on missions trips and stayed for extended periods working with locals in the Indian and Fijian community.