Maranatha Christian School

Are you looking for a Christian School for your child?

Maranatha Christian School may be just right for you.

Our school’s mission is:

“To provide a sound education within a Christ-centred environment which will prepare young people to live and function to God’s glory in society.”

Maranatha Christian School was founded in 1967 by members of Hope Centre and Discovery Christian Centre. We cater for up to 160 children from Years 1 to 8, drawn from over 50 churches throughout the region.

With a strong emphasis on academic achievement, we focus on developing Christian character and encouraging children in their God-given talents and abilities. We encourage students to be the best they can be, working and playing together co-operatively. Maranatha is a place where we celebrate diversity of talents, interests and backgrounds. As an integrated Christian school, we use the Christian Interact Curriculum, which is based on National Curriculum guidelines.

The school property and buildings are owned and maintained by the proprietors, the Maranatha Foundation Board. Like other schools throughout New Zealand, Maranatha is managed by a Board of Trustees, consisting of parent-elected members, as well as members appointed by the Foundation Board. The school also has an active Parent Teacher Association, which is involved in organising fundraising activities and school social events. The school operates on a combination of Ministry of Education funding and school fees, providing affordable, quality Christian education.

Maranatha has a proven record of success and is an excellent choice for your child.

What We Offer:

High academic standards: we provide a stimulating learning environment for your child with modern and well equipped classrooms.

Excellent facilities: we have a gymnasium/assembly hall, art and cooking rooms, library with a computer suite attached.

Recreation: our large playing field, two courts and two adventure playgrounds make great locations for sports days and general recreation.

Christian teaching and values: our teachers provide a nurturing environment for children’s faith to grow.

Special programmes: both remedial and extension programmes in a range of subjects are available at school.

Transport: our school bus is available for transport to and from school and for trips.

Community: we have regular interaction with other schools in sports and cultural events.

For a more detailed look at the school please visit our website.

For further information and to contact us:
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