Hope Centre History...

Hope Centre has a pioneering history that goes all the way back to 1932, when the Church was founded with an emphasis on evangelism, the Word of God and personal holiness. Pastor Frank Wilson, an associate of Smith Wigglesworth was instrumental in the early days of the Church. Frank was a revivalist who was passionate about international missions and Church planting. He was also strongly committed to the belief that signs and wonders accompany the preaching of the Word, this belief continues as a foundation of the Church.

In 1944 the Church responded to a call to prayer. A prayer room was established, and unceasing prayer continued 24 hours a day, seven days a week for more than fifty years. This well of prayer is now being drawn on by a new generation, as the young people of Hope Centre gather regularly in the Onething Prayer Centre to seek God for revival to grip the nations of the earth.

Hope Centre has missions and Church planting in its DNA. Strong support is given to missionaries out in the nations, especially to Bible Colleges and training institutions that are dedicated to raising up and training local people to effectively touch their home nation. Throughout the history of the Church we have been engaged in Church planting. This continues today.

Passion for God to move and revival eetings have been a strong theme right through Hope Centre’s history. The 1930s and 1940s were characterised by healings, salvations and mighty outbreaks of the Holy Spirit.

In 1995 the Church was impacted by a fresh and dramatic move of the Holy Spirit that stirred us again towards evangelism, city transformation and unity between the Churches of the city.

Again in 2000, another mighty wave of the Holy Spirit hit the Church. Meetings ran nearly non stop for twenty weeks, and hundreds of people were saved, healed and restored by Jesus! This was followed in 2001 by another seventeen weeks of sustained revival meetings that were supported by a number of Churches in the city.

Hope Centre has emerged as a strong, dynamic, contemporary Church that is growing rapidly. Every week there are new people joining the Church and coming into a radical encounter with the reality of Jesus. Young people are a huge feature in the life of Hope Centre, and large numbers of them stream into the Youth program on Friday night, and the Church meetings on Sundays.

Under the leadership of Seth Fawcet and his team, Hope Centre has become a widely respected influence for good in the Wellington region, around New Zealand, and increasingly overseas.

Hope Centre has a long and wonderful history. But even more than that, the Church has an amazing future, one that we hope you will come and be a part of. There is a place for you here, join the team, lets touch the nations with the fire of revival!