About Hope Centre...

We are strongly Pentecostal

We are people builders, promoting understanding of identity, destiny and personal responsibility for life and Godliness

We are people with a Kingdom of God perspective

We are bridge builders

We are mission focussed

We are passionately revivalist

The quest for revival is unabated, just as the need for revival has not diminished. Historically there have been many occurrences of revival and the seasons of revival. It is important to remind ourselves of the task that God has called us to. We have been called to a three fold mission.

Firstly to lead Hope Centre, and sustain the ongoing move of God that has been happening for over twelve years. This has meant that a revival culture has to be the DNA of Hope Centre. There are some simple truths that we have learned in this journey. One of these truths is to be specific in how we pray for God’s Presence to come.

The second assignment given to us is to minister through New Zealand to churches and leaders. We have been described as, ‘atmosphere changers’. This is because the dimension of revival that we carry causes shifts in the spiritual climates when people embrace the ministry, and allow God to move in a new way. It is incredible how God continues to open doors for us to fan the fires of desire across the nation. Linked with this is the fact that a network of Hope Centres is starting.

The third part is the call to nations. This continues to be affirmed by significant prophetic ministries. This ministry is predominantly focused on empowering leaders, to embrace the cost of revival and the joy of revival fire.

-Senior Pastor Seth Fawcet